Targeting with Context

Send messages based on Place/Time/Visit

Performance Analytics

Improvement through response analysis

Comprehensive SDK

Fast and easy implementation

Extra Service Available

Hardware installation and maintenance

Limitless Service Scenarios Available

Targeted Push Notifications

Send push notifications with special offers to only the customers you want to target. Convert frequent visitors into customers.

Advertising Effect Analysis

Use real visitor data to analyze your advertising effect.

Higher Retention Rate

Timely push-notifications with location-relevant content can induce users to interact with your app.

User Location Report

Bluetooth beacons can tell you where your users are.
Improve your location data process with RECO.


Contextual Targeting Event


Campaign/Event Manager

Create events under the campaign.
Set an event to target user's behavior, and check all event performances on the same page.

Spot Targeting

Event Location Targeting

Target the specific location.
Set the location to target by changing the signal strength which can be from 3 meters to 50 meters.

Time Targeting

Targeted Time Event Management

Set specific event period, day of the week, and time of the day.
Any type of time frame can be set for your events.

Push Message

Push Notification Setting

Contextual push notifications get 5~6 time more user interaction. Set up different messages with each event and follow up with each result using RECO CMS.
Up to additional 8 contents can be sent using Key-Value format.


Online to Offline Data Analytics

Online Data Analytics

Event Effect Analytics

Shows charts with important data, such as response rate, targeted location visitor count, unique visitors, and more, all plotted by date.

Offline Data Analytics

User's Location Data Analytics

Find important insights of your users' behavior patterns. Measure accurate ROAS and bounce rate, along with Mobile advertising data.

Technology Details

  • Location Targeting
  • Period/Day/Time Targeting
  • Visit/Stay scenario Targeting
  • Previous Visit Data Targeting
  • Send Key-Value json
  • iOS 7 or higher
  • Android 4.3+
  • Dynamic Region Function
  • Simple Link with Callback Method
  • Device Signal Stability Algorithm
  • 1% 미만의 배터리 소모량(24시간 기준)
RECO Beacon H/W(Buy Now)
  • Proprietary product of Perples, Inc.
  • Both Apple iBeacon, Google Eddystone Certified
  • Top 3 Battery Life in the world
  • Europe/USA/Korea/Japan Certified

RECO CMS Customer

Our customers wanted great beacon services and chose us for web usability, and fast service development.

  All we needed to do was planning the service scenario with the help of RECO CMS. RECO CMS made it possible for us to launch our service in only a few months.
Brian Jung CSO
Hotel Reservation Service, Hottel
  We launched our service faster than we thought with RECO CMS. Development period was dramatically shortened, also the hardware setup cost was reduced.
Daniel W. Jang CEO
Event Space Reservation Service, Pinspot

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